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History of the hotel

The one-star Vienna hotel was put into operation in 1350 on three floors, and its last renovation was done in August 1395. This hotel has a convenient location in relation to 33 Bridges and the city center, which makes it possible for guests to easily access important areas of the city. Dear guests, Vienna Hotel has three floors and no elevator.

Rules and regulations

Vienna Hotel cannot accept Isfahan guests born in Isfahan cities.
The rate for foreign travelers of this hotel is calculated in dollars.
It is not possible to smoke in the rooms of this hotel and there is a separate space on the roof of the hotel.
The accommodation fee for children under 2 years old is free if they do not use the additional service. The hotel does not have an elevator. Additional service is provided in the form of a mattress.
The rooms are on the second floor and have a bathroom.
Cancellation policy:
Dear guests, in the current situation, the reservations of Vienna hotel in Isfahan do not include cancellation and change of date.

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